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Chris Whittaker, 42

Chris is online marketing manager at the Daily Mail and has been there since the launch of the online edition. He has seen it grow from being an 'also-ran' to one of the world's leading online news websites. He is charged with increasing readership and advertising revenue.



"Our sharing functionality works. I’ll take some convincing to switch to Web Intents."



  • Increase visitor time on site and activity
  • Increase traffic, including via social networks
  • He wants more registered users, and he wants more detailed demographic information about his audience
  • He wants to keep his visitors interactions on his site
  • He want to increase user generated content



  • Increased sharing of our content (page and browser
  • To see reporting that is at least as good as he gets now
  • It must be easy for my visitors to share
  • I want my visitors to be able to share anything
  • I want to identify content elements that are popular
  • Easier use of RSS might boost subscriptions



  • Does this provide me with any genuinely new analytics?
  • I fear I’ll lose the ability to track clicks
  • Will popular services, like share, be hidden?
  • Increased subscriptions may reduce advertisers’ visibility
  • I have 100,000s of pages. Any code addition adds overhead
  • I don’t want my users saying “Where has Facebook gone?”

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