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Web intents personas

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These personas below were created as a part of the Design Push Web Intents day, Brighton, Saturday 25 Feb 2012. Details: http://designpush.org/webintents/


  1. Blogger
  2. Service provider
  3. Publisher
  4. E-commerce


Video of persona show & tell session



Video timeline

  • Introduction  (0:00 to 1:36) Rob Pearson
  • Blogger persona (1:36 to 3:55) Rob Pearson
  • Service provider persona (3:55 - 6:35) Jim Lane 
  • Publisher persona (7:00 - 12:00) Dan Eastwell
  • E-commerce persona (12:55 - 15:15) Patrick Sansom 
  • Discussion of the value of personas (15:15 - 17:24) 



Dan Eastwell, @maskingtape
Jim Lane, @jimlanenova
Rob Pearson, @robotperson
Richard Rutter, @clagnut
Patrick Sansom, @Patrick_Sansom


Web intents personas Visio source file (1mb)

Web intents personas pdf (608k)



Patrick Sansom, Dan Eastwell, Rob Pearson (front), Jim Lane. Absent: Richard Rutter



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