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What is the intent?


What activities should intents enable users to do? How do those actions translate in to the interface or UI?

This table describes the Intents their associated Actions and has some suggested UI language implementations (suggested verbs). Most of these intents have been taken from the list specified on the, we have also added some intents we think are missing.

IntentActionSuggested verbs
Share To publish or distribute content Post, Share, Message
Edit To modify or change content Edit image, Edit document
View To consume content View image, Play media
Pick To choose or select content Select, Choose
Subscribe To follow a (data) feed Subscribe to: Podcast, RSS feed
Save To save content to a location Save to: computer, Save to: cloud service, Download
Endorse To endorse content Like, Vote, Agree,
Authenticate To sign/login to a service Sign in, Login, Register, Sign up
Pay To choose a payment method Pay, Reward, Reimburse, Remunerate